About Us

Welcome to ' TheCollaborative' ; a platform that connects the family planning and reproductive health community. The platform ensures that the organizations and individuals come together to develop networks, nurture the generation of new knowledge, stimulate innovation and share knowledge. All organizations and persons demonstrating a special interest and involvement in any capacity within the FP/ RH field of practice have access to the platform .

Knowledge SUCCESS

This tab gives information about the Knowledge SUCCESS project


These are like-minded institutions that implement Family Planning / Reproductive Health Programs.


Refers to online hotline contacts, list serves and communities of practice which aim to share knowledge, evidence and best practices.


Technical Working Groups are individuals from different organization that implement similar programmes.


These are family and reproductive health documents, policies, guidelines and commitments passed by country governments.


This field contains the upcoming and past events that are related to the Knowledge SUCCESS work

Knowledge Products

These refer to the knowledge products/articles that are being produced by the East African Knowledge SUCCESS team .

Community Of Practice

The CoP is a platform that brings FP/RH stakeholders together to share knowledge and learn