Brief description

The International Registry of Healthcare Workers Exposed to COVID-19 Patients (UNITY Global), is an international registry of approximately 10,000 healthcare workers in Low- and Middle-Income Countries experiencing increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases and commensurate with increased exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus among their healthcare worker populations.


Kenya, Uganda, Zambia & Senegal




To characterize the type of potential prophylactic treatments, by dose and duration, overall, and by country or region or site.

To explore the key factors (for example, use of PPE, HCW and healthcare facility characteristics, underlying co-morbidities, household history and COVID-19 exposure) modifying the risk of COVID-19 among HCWs.


  • 5,124 Healthcare workers enrolled into the study from four (4) participating countries
  • 85% of target HCWs consented to pre-survey serology testing
  • 85% of target HCWs consented to post-survey serology testing.