I4L supports entrepreneurs in the development of innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions for a healthy Africa. I4L specifically focuses on the ‘missing middle’ – a growing community of entrepreneurs whose enterprises are too large for microcredit, but too small for traditional commercial investors.
Through Amref these entrepreneurs will have access to detailed knowledge about healthcare in Africa and access to Amref’s extensive local and international network of stakeholders, donors and investors.


To co-create shared-value partnerships between these entrepreneurs and Amref programs to jointly achieve sustainable health impact and scale in Africa.

Project Specifications

Region: 2017 – 2018: Sub-Saharan Africa | 2020: Kenya and Ethiopia
Project Duration: 3 years
Donors: Elsevier Foundation
Partners: 2017 and 2018: Grassroots Business Fund | 2020: Metta and Accenture Development Partnerships


Source innovative solutions to drive greater programmatic impact of Amref’s country work

Address the demographic divide by supporting health Innovations in Africa


From 2017 to 2020, the programme has had three rounds of support, hosting a total of 15 entrepreneurs from sub Saharan Africa