The 2013 World Health Organisation (WHO) report on human resources for health (HRH) declares “a universal truth” that there is “no health without a workforce”. This sentiment has been echoed in the 2016 global strategy on human resources for health: Workforce 2030 report, which recognizes that the health system cannot function without a workforce.

This lack of training and continuous professional development is one of the key professional barriers for health workers. The lack of opportunity for training is often occasioned by the lack of training infrastructure in the remote locations within which they work. The GSMA intelligence report states that there were 420 million unique mobile subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa by end of 2016, equivalent to a penetration rate of 43%.

Leveraging on technology can help to bridge the gap and drastically improve skills and scale up the health workforce. This therefore presents the opportunity to take advantage of the widespread adoption of web platforms and mobile technology even in remote communities to impart knowledge and improve health through a stronger and more skilled health workforce in the region.

Amref seeks to leverage ICT to expand quality training and knowledge management to the health workforce through partnerships with training institutions, individuals, corporates, community based organizations (CBOs), Universities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) among other partnerships.

It is this backdrop that gave birth to digital learning. The solutions are integrated and complement each other in a two-pronged approach: mobile based learning through the Jibu Application and platform based through the Jibu platform. ICD seeks to leverage on our capacity in training by offering tailor-made courses through digital learning. We provide interactive, virtual, end-to-end learning and coaching & mentorship, including learner and faculty support. Enrol to enjoy access to over 40 online courses that would build your capacity as a health care worker.

Courses available on digital learning

COVID-19 Training for Health Care Workers in Kenya

Leadership Management and Governance for Health Systems Strengthening Course

Management and Control of Pneumonia in Children Under 5 Years

Management of Diarrhoea in Children Under 5 Years

Sanitation Marketing for Public Health and Development Professionals

…and many more!


Welcome to Jibu where you can enjoy bountiful possibilities to equip your knowledge and skills in health care!

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