The Advocacy Accelerator links advocates with the information, expertise and connections they need by:

Providing in-person and online platforms for country-based advocates and their supporters to share experiences, evidence and approaches.

Supporting interactive spaces that foster and promote learning within and across sectors and regions.

Linking advocates to capacity strengthening expertise and experience.

Gathering and sharing data, research and lessons learned across the field of advocacy.

As country-based advocacy plays a growing role in advancing policy change and ensuring accountability for health and development in the Global South, advocates and donors are increasingly seeking ways to improve their impact. The Advocacy Accelerator works to strengthen advocacy capacity, alignment, and impact by providing online and in-person platforms for advocates and their supporters to share evidence, approaches and expertise. The Advocacy Accelerator is supported by a dedicated staff of experienced professionals based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our Mission

Our vision is a world where strong, coordinated country-based advocacy is a driving force for improvements in health and development.