Leading in health systems strengthening-HSS



Project Goal

A course to support leading health stewards to provide responsive and quality services for sustainable development in Africa.

Project Duration

Six Months



Collaborating Partners

AMREF Health Africa,Kenya School Of Government

Background-WHY HSS

Health systems in Kenya are constrained by insufficient financial resources, a shortage and poor distribution of healthcare workers, weaknesses in legislation and information systems and a lack of management and other technical expertise. Strengthening the health system is at the core of the Government of Kenya’s reform agenda according to the Kenya Health Policy 2014-2030.

Stewardship combines leadership, management and governance – and is arguably the most complex but critical building block of any health system. It is about the role of the government in healthcare as well as its relation to other actors whose activities impact on healthcare. This course will provide the opportunity to acquire up-to-date knowledge about health systems and the right skills set for evidence-based planning, management, and financing for quality improvement.

Strengthening the health system is at the core of Ministry of Health in Africa reform agenda. This short course particularly responds to the need for leading health stewards to push this reform agenda to the next level. It is about the role of the government in health as well as its relation to other actors whose activities impact on health.

Changes in health systems strengthening efforts, especially through leadership training and team training approaches, have been associated with changes in service delivery in healthcare settings or in health outcomes. The lack of effective leadership and governance (stewardship) in the health sector has remained a major challenge in most low- to middle-income countries particularly in the rural and hard to reach areas. These areas usually have less accessible and available skilled HRH has huge health needs but with minimal resources to address the need.


Explain the key policy and regulatory frameworks, health laws and principles governing health care delivery.

Apply the health systems approach to planning, implementation and monitoring priority interventions

Describe the organization, management and governance structures of health outcomes

Practice transformative leadership, efficient and effective management and ethical governance in health delivery.

Describe resource generation, mobilization and management strategies and their application to equitable and sustainable investment in health.

Collect, analyze, interpret quality data from monitoring, evaluation and research processes and disseminate and continual quality improvement in service delivery


The course provided one with the opportunity to acquire up –to date knowledge about health systems and the right skills sets for evidence-based planning, management and financing to integrate all ingredients of well performing health system for improved health outcomes.

  • Foundations of Health Systems in Kenya
  • Planning for Health Service Delivery
  • Leadership for Health Services Delivery
  • Management of Health Service Delivery
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Service Delivery


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