Uzazi Salama Model

Amref Health Africa, PharmAccess Foundation and the M-PESA Foundation are committed to achieving lasting health change in Africa. This vision is closely aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 3 – to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Essential to achieving SDG 3 is continuing the great progress made thus far in maternal and child health indicators. Globally,the maternal mortality ratio has declined by 37% since 2000, and over the period 2012 to 2017, almost 80% of live births worldwide occurred with the assistanceof skilled health personnel, up from 62% in the 2000 to 2005 period.

Six years later, we reflect on the program’s progress and comprehensively define the model that was successful in improving MNH indicators in Samburu County – an arid pastoralist region chosen as the primary location for Uzazi Salama because of its lagging health indicators and priority standing according to the Kenyan Ministry of Health. To-date, Uzazi Salama has made significant improvements in MNH indicators in Samburu against its initial targets, but there remains work to be done. The remainder of this report details the specific activities carried out by the project partners, the results of those activities, and areas for improvement in future replications. We put forth this discussion to inspire health sector actors to leverage Uzazi Salama as a model to improve existing MNH programs based on our learnings; and/or inspire these actors to work with us to replicate and scale Uzazi Salama to improve

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Amref Selected as Talent Partner for UNLEASH 2019

For the 3rd year running, Amref Health Africa has been selected to be an UNLEASH talent partner! As a talent partner, Amref Health Africa will support UNLEASH to source top talents from sub-Saharan Africa for the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Shenzhen, taking place from 6-13 November 2019. The nomination process is outlined in the following files:

  • Talent nomination guidelines. This document outlines the selection criteria for talents eligible to participate in UNLEASH 2019 and provides talent partners with an overview of the process and deadlines for nominating talents.
  • Talent deck. This presentation provides an overview of the UNLEASH program and application process for interested candidates.

As a talent partner, UNLEASH has reserved nomination spots for applicants sourced from within Amref or within our network. All nominated applicants must submit an application at using our unique nomination code. The application platform will open on 18 March 2019 and close on 18 April 2019.

Amref will be taking applications for nominations through our offices across the various countries in sub Saharan Africa so look out for the announcement from the office closest to you.

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Amref Health Africa Partners in a $35 Million Knowledge Management Project

he Johns Hopkins Centre for Communication Programmes (CCP) in partnership with Amref Health Africa, Busara Centre for Behavioural Economics, and FHI 360 has been awarded the U.S. Agency for International Development’s newest five-year, $35 million global knowledge management project.

Dubbed Knowledge SUCCESS (Strengthening Use, Capacity, Collaboration, Exchange, Synthesis, and Sharing), the new project will use the latest learnings from behavioural science and design thinking to make knowledge management easy, attractive, salient and timely.

Creating lasting health change in Africa

Amref has in the last 60 years invested heavily in the health sector with a mission of creating lasting health change in Africa.  This has accorded Amref immense knowledge and increased footprint in the region implementing models that work for the people of Africa. Amref sees this as a great opportunity to consolidate the amazing work going on in the Reproductive Health space in the region to enable continuous learning and improved programming for stakeholders in the region. Housed within Amref’s Institute of Capacity Development (ICD), Amref’s role will therefore include;

  1. Providing platforms to connect key players and stakeholders within government agencies, academic institutions, and NGOs in reproductive health to build a network of regional experts.
  2. Development and packaging of knowledge products from our own experiences and those of like-minded partners to ensure knowledge exchange for improved program delivery. These knowledge products will consolidate the latest evidence and best practices on family planning, reproductive health and other global health areas into tools that make it easy to share with the people on the ground who need it. The goal is to improve the health of men, women and families everywhere.
  3. Leveraging innovative technologies to build a knowledge hub which will include a repository of knowledge products and channels of information exchange amongst stakeholders in the region.

The new work will build on the success of CCP’s Knowledge for Health (K4Health) project, which wraps up in 2019. Knowledge SUCCESS will aid other projects funded by USAID that do supply, service delivery, demand generation and advocacy work. In order to fill its mandate to strengthen health systems and improve voluntary family planning and reproductive health programs, Knowledge SUCCESS will work closely with staff in the field to ensure that local organizations can gain the expertise they need to incorporate knowledge management approaches and techniques into what they do.

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