Bernard Kikechi

Learning Expert

Bernard is an experienced blended learning expert, who has used his curriculum expertise to design, develop and built immersive online learning courses for multiple contexts in sub-Saharan Africa to train the health workforce. He has worked with academics in the region to adapt and develop their teaching materials for online delivery, and is the go to person in curriculum adaptation, developing of learning and assessment activities, acceptance testing and quality assurance, and running and evaluation of blended learning programmes. In his learning design and development role at the eCampus, he hopes to use technology to design learning programmes to reach the underserved populations at the community to contribute towards training of the health workforce and the efforts to attain universal health coverage. His main area of interest in research is experiential learning, current education technology, corpus linguistics, and adult education and lifelong learning. He has a background in Education and a passion for participatory and sustainable innovative approaches that strengthen health systems and bring about desirable health outcomes. When not at work, he enjoys nature trails and peasantry farming.

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